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Date: Wednesday, March 08 @ 14:55:08 EST
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To apply, send resume, a cover letter and three letters of recommendation to: 

Boat People S.O.S.
6400 Arlington Blvd., Suite 640
Falls Church, VA 22042-2336
Attn: Executive Director

Boat People S.O.S. is a national community-based organization headquartered in Northern Virginia with 13 branch offices across the country and one  overseas office in the Philippines. We are looking for to fill the following positions.

Community Assets Program Coordinator
Salary: $30,000 - $35,000 based upon qualifications, years of experience, and past achievements

Responsibilities: Conduct community outreach and education for 3 community assets development programs, launch media campaigns, coordinate corporate and non-profit partners, and explore new funding opportunities.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, 3 years of experience with community outreach, excellent verbal and writing skills, being a self-starter.

Development Director
Salary: $32,000 - $40,000 based upon qualifications, relevant experience, and past achievements

Responsibilities: Develop long-term budget plan, organize fundraising events, prepare proposals, conduct financial analysis, establish corporate partnerships, market products, and train in-house staff and volunteers.

Activities are to support all 13 BPSOS branch offices.

Requirements: College degree in Finance or Business Administration or strong track record in fundraising and grant-writing, 3 years of budgeting and financial analysis experience, and excellent verbal and writing skills.

Women’s Health Program Coordinator
Salary: $29,000 - $32,000 based on qualifications and relevant experience

Responsibilities: Implement breast cancer and cervical cancer screening program in the DC metropolitan area and develop new health-related programs for Vietnamese women regionally or nationally. Work with two volunteers and support staff members.

Requirements: Fluency in both Vietnamese and English, college degree, excellent communication skills, and prior experience in community outreach.

Mental Health for Torture Survivors Program Coordinator
Salary: $30,000 - $36,000 based on qualifications and relevant experience

Responsibilities: Coordinate multiple-site activities for a national mental health outreach program for Vietnamese torture survivors and families, including formation of self-help groups, compilation of research and statistical data, development of detailed workplan, organization of workshops and seminars, and distribution of program materials.

Requirements: Master’s degree and work experience in social work or public health, excellent communication skills, bi-cultural awareness, and strong organizational skills. Highly motivated, self-directed, and willing to travel.

Case Manager
Salary: $27K - $30K depending on experience, plus benefits.

Essential Responsibilities: Provide case management for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, including case intake, information and referral, advocacy, interpretation and translation, file maintenance and reporting activities, and assistance to Program Manager.

Requirements: Fluency in English and Vietnamese; Bachelor’s degree in social work or related field; at least one year of experience in working with victims of trauma; demonstrated commitment to working with victims of domestic violence and/or human trafficking; and ability to work independently and in a team.

Location: DC metropolitan area.

AmeriCorps*VISTA Social Entrepreneurs
Stipend: $800/month plus health insurance, $1,200 cash bonus or $4,725 education award, childcare benefits, and relocation expenses.

Responsibilities: Develop and implement business plans and strategies to diversify revenue streams through income-generating services, fundraising activities, and business ventures; help low-income families achieve financial self-sufficiency through initiatives such as tax clinics, individual development accounts, financial literacy education, home ownership, micro-lending, and small business development.

Requirements: Entrepreneurial experiences or business background, good communication and management skills, self-discipline and commitment to community service. Full time, at least one year commitment. Work in DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, St. Louis, New Orleans, Houston, Orange County (CA), or Sacramento.

Chief Financial Officer
Salary: $35,000 - $40,000 plus health insurance.

Responsibilities: provide leadership, management and oversight over all fiscal activities, including general accounting, internal auditing, cost accounting, and budgetary controls, financial analysis and forecast, budget plans, and monthly reports to the Executive Director.

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance and 2 years senior-level, hands-on accounting/financial management experience with at least one year experience in a supervisory capacity.

Program Assistant
Salary: $20,000 - $25,000 depending on experience and qualifications, plus benefits.

Responsibilities: Oversee all office administrative functions, provide staff support, coordinate the general operations of the office, answer and direct phone calls, and implement assigned program activities under the supervision of the Branch Manager.

Requirements: College level education, fluency in English and Vietnamese, attention to detail, ability to multi-task, positive attitude,  administrative abilities, organizational skills, computer literacy, knowledge of office machinery. Work in the District of Columbia.

New Accounts Coordinator
Salary: $25K - $30K depending on experiences and qualifications, plus benefits.

Essential Responsibilities: Work with banking institutions to help Vietnamese set up their first bank accounts; coordinate workshops on financial literacy; train branch staff and volunteers; and provide logistical support to the First Accounts for Immigrants and Refugees (FAIR) Program Coordinator.

Requirements: College education and one year of experience in community outreach; fluency in Vietnamese; excellent verbal and writing skills in English.
Location: DC Metropolitan area

All positions will be located in the DC area unless otherwise stated. Full description of above positions and additional listing of job opportunities are available at

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